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Book #2: Healing Your Wounded Relationship

"Mr. Jackman has struck gold again! His brilliant second book, Healing Your Wounded Relationship, provides optimistic, realistic, and most importantly, practical guidance for the bewildered and chronically saddened codependent. Readers will be gifted with his one-of-a-kind knowledge, insight, and exquisitely personable yet erudite guidance. Like no other author I have read, Jackman explains and clarifies the problems, where they came from, and who is responsible, while providing an accurate and detailed road map toward healthy and enduring relational love. This book will surely strike a resonate chord for those who dream of the 'other side' of their seemingly insurmountable wall of chronic relational heartbreak but lack the information and tools to safely get to the other side."

-Ross Rosenberg, MEd, LCPC, CADC, CSAT, Psychotherapist, Self-Love Recovery Institute CEO, author of The Human Magnet Syndrome, and Codependency Cure™ Treatment Creator.

"Robert Jackman, LCPC, has written another superb and informative book, this one for guiding couples toward a healthy, loving relationship. Healing Your Wounded Relationship is a must-read for anyone looking to recognize unhealthy behavior patterns and move forward toward healing and repair. Jackman walks the reader through the healing process with self-help questions, healthy advice, and examples from his private practice. Read this book and learn from one of the best. It should be on everyone's bookshelf. It is a masterpiece."

-- John Roth, MD, Medical Director, Kentucky Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists-

"Robert Jackman's latest book, Healing Your Wounded Relationship, picks up where he left off with his first book, which laid a compassionate road map to assist the reader in healing their inner child wounding. He now examines dysfunctional intimate relationships, giving the reader tools to create and expand the possibility of an intimate relationship. Jackman introduces and defines the concept of the synergistic wounding cycle as he walks the reader through identifying red flags and how unresolved wounded parts play out with our partners. He presents the STARR Reset tool and additional avenues toward healing, revealing to the reader how to develop compassionate and intentional communication. I highly recommend this book to couples, singles, and those who are struggling in their relationships.
As with his first book, Healing Your Lost Inner Child, Robert Jackman talks directly to the reader, revealing that the path toward healing is not a straight road but one that is taken courageously, with lot of hidden twists and turns. He supports the reader from beginning to end and guides them toward an opportunity to discover and exercise an open heart, with the ultimate goal of healing their relationship."

- Joanne Kittel, MSW

"Wow, this book is amazing and so genuine. Healing Your Wounded Relationship by Robert Jackman is a wonderfully creative book that helps the reader work through the myriad of life's relationships and unfold into new beginnings. This powerful book does so by sharing stories of relationship journeys using archetypal examples. Exercises throughout challenge and propel the reader forward through self-awareness of their patterns and strengths to heal. This book is a magic wand for all to shape their future. Great book!"
- Dr. Sandra Kakacek, LCPC

"Robert Jackman artfully and compassionately brings together his years of experience in private practice and research on inner child wounding to provide couples with insight and strategies toward loving and open-hearted partnerships. Through thoughtful and strategic therapy practices and guidance, he navigates individuals and couples through the STARR Reset (Stop, Think, Act, Reset and Repair) to better manage conflict and find solutions to unstick unhealthy patterns. Healing Your Wounded Relationship is an optimistic book that is easy to read and understand, full of wonderful examples of archetypal couple pairings to guide the reader. Jackman offers the reader simple-to-understand explanations and examples of inner child wounds and their involvement in couple bonding and wounded attractions. Jackman's books and workbooks are convenient tools for coaching individuals, couples, and clinicians alike. They have been and will be a resource I recommend to my clients and colleagues."
- Georgina Srinivas Rao, MD, Psychiatrist and Medical Director of In Step Behavioral Health

"Robert Jackman's book Healing Your Wounded Relationship will open the reader's heart and mind to better understand how one's past trauma can have an impact on relationships with current or future partners. The reader will learn why patterns repeat themselves in an unsuccessful pairing, and how to foster and encourage balance in the relationship. All aspects of this book-the exercises, checklists, couples' stories, and the STARR Reset-will help the reader understand and reflect on how their wounded inner child shows up in their relationship and how to work through this pain.
Jackman helps the reader focus on success, which is possible when couples are willing to to be there for each other, make certain sacrifices, and "courageously surrender." I was pleased that he addresses the particular woundings of adult children of alcoholics (ACOA).
This book is best for the reader who can read it with an open mind and heart, and who truly wants positive change in their relationships."
Amy VanRoekel, MSW

Book #1: Healing Your Lost Inner Child

"Robert Jackman's Healing Your Lost Inner Child is a rare find among the tens of thousands of self-help books. It is a game changer that the world needs. Jackman brilliantly communicates his original ideas, concepts, and clinical direction while staying true to cutting-edge information on the subject of trauma resolution. Those suffering from attachment trauma will feel enveloped in his authentic and highly relatable passion for the subject. Readers will be forever transformed by his understanding of complex trauma and his coherent instruction on how to solve it.

Never have I read a book where the author's voice was so sensitively vulnerable while expertly establishing itself as informative, instructive, and concretely helpful. This brilliant book will instill the optimism and courage to dig deep into the shame-stained areas of your life so that you can heal and integrate your long invisible and misunderstood trauma. With Robert Jackman by your side, you will have the opportunity to transform your trauma into irreplaceable and beloved gems of self-love."

-Ross Rosenberg, MEd, LCPC, CADC, CSAT Psychotherapist, author of the "The Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent Narcissist Trap," and creator of the Codependency Cure™ Treatment Program

Healing Your Lost Inner Child is a beautiful, accessible book written by a highly empathic and compassionate therapist. Given Robert Jackman's deep level of insight and vision into the human psyche, he could have easily written a book that was too hard to connect with, but that is not the case This book flows seamlessly from beginning to end, and despite its depth, it is surprisingly easy to read.

In his own unique, artistic way, Robert weaves his hard-won practical wisdom into the book in a way that feels helpful, concrete, and grounded instead of dry, didactic, and preachy. As I read it, I could feel the unhealed pieces of me that needed to receive it gently open up to absorb its wisdom.

Robert is a shining example of Jung's wounded healer archetype, using his own painful experiences in order to help others transform theirs. Readers are fortunate that he has chosen this path, as he is an extremely kind, empathic, and wise guide. Your inner child will thank you for reading this book.

-Stacy Dicker, PhD Psychologist and author of Psychstrology: Apply the Wisdom of the Cosmos to Gain Balance and Improve Your Relationships

"There must be a reason why you are looking at Healing Your Lost Inner Child. Perhaps you desire enlightenment or relief from pain. If so, you will likely benefit from reading it carefully. The examples given are easy to read and have real power. The underlying ideas are rational and connect with the plans for making desired changes. Robert Jackman is a profoundly insightful and dedicated healer with many years of experience, and there is deep wisdom in this book. He has distilled underlying truths of what exists in each of us and how those truths affect our outlook on life and behavior with others. Using this knowledge, he gives readers a way to find insight based on their personal history. He then guides readers in developing tools to foster a

deep satisfaction and greater happiness for themselves and their loved ones. Using the HEAL process road map to work through the complex maze of one's past, and to find the way to understanding, forgiveness, and well-being, is a wonderful feeling. Enjoy!"

-David Brumwell, MD

If you find yourself stuck in the same patterns of sadness, anger, or fear, or if you relive the same relationship pain over and over, Healing Your Lost Inner Child is for you. Robert Jackman has created a beautifully detailed roadmap for identifying and healing the internal dynamics that impact our repetitive and painful life patterns. It is highly accessible, user friendly, and full of heart and hard-earned wisdom. Jackman walks the reader through focused exercises, and uses examples from case studies and his personal life, to bring clarity to the confusion. He describes how to bring compassion and resolution to the wounded parts inside, and shows that by transforming the inner life, we have the chance to transform our relationships and our world. This work is useful for everyone, whether you are new to or experienced in inner child work. It is inspiring and a delight to read.

-Mark Pletcher, MA, LCPC Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach

"In Healing Your Lost Inner Child, Robert Jackman has created a comprehensive resource for therapists and those who want to heal inner wounds. Through research, stories, and case examples, Jackman helps the reader who seeks wholeness to move forward from wounds of childhood. I imagine the world will be better because of this book, as we all need to heal our lost inner child. I highly recommend this book to therapists and anyone who wishes to feel lighter."

-Joe Sanok, Podcaster and Licensed Counselor, creator of Practice of the Practice

Whether you have been in therapy for years, a few months, or have never been to a therapist, this book is for you. Whether you are aware that the traumas you experienced as a child continue to play a role in your current adult reactions and behavior patterns, or you think you turned out pretty good, this book is for you. If you just want a better understanding of why you respond to certain triggering events the way you do, this book is for you. Not all self-help books are worth your time and effort; this one is.

In his succinct, articulate offering Healing Your Lost Inner Child, Robert Jackman provides empathetic, step-by-step encouragement for anyone who has ever asked, "Why do I always do that?" Jackman's technical explanations of the HEAL process are neither intimidating nor pedantic, and are infinitely relatable. Using nonjudgmental language, the book gives multiple examples of real people struggling to identify the source of their childhood wounds and the boundaries they created to protect from, and cope with, triggering events in adulthood.

Each of the eight chapters provides practical exercises to help readers grasp the concepts and the process for exploring the depths and sources of childhood wounding events and their effect on the management (or mismanagement) of their adult experiences. The tone is gentle and positive without being patronizing. The optional Companion Workbook allows the reader who so wishes to delve deeper into the HEAL process at a personalized pace.

Clarity is key. The inner child harbors blocked emotional energy that will forever suppress efforts at self-actualization, and attainment of an authentic life, unless it is given permission to release the pains of the past. Identifying and healing past wounds, developing comfortable and safe boundaries for the future, and embracing an authentic life are goals toward which we all should strive. Mr. Jackman has provided an excellent road map for the journey.

- Karen L Hawkins, Attorney at Law, JD, LLB (honorary), MBA

Former Director, Office of Professional Responsibility, Internal Revenue Service, United States Treasury Department